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Core assists in project managing the coordination of all site scheduling, logistics, and any issues with the Site Foodservice Manager, Site Building Manager and/or Training and Store Opening Manager.

• inside sales administrator for order processing & tracking
• engineering support for custom solutions
• warehouse storage
• inventory management and reporting
• field service network
• monthly inventory logs
• weekly shipping reports
• assembly instructions
• customer service
• coordination of shipping and delivery
• confirmation of shipment and delivery
• confirm with site all elements are delivered and in good condition
• handle any damage claims
• packages ship ups ground
• supervision of off-load and delivery
• installations performed by core concepts direct employees
• custom-made assembly instructions for national rollouts
• installation support via phone/email
• The first step in a successful implementation is to gather all the information necessary to adequately assess the viability of the location.
• The survey will define the space, sales volume, menu requirements, budget and utilities that are available.
• Core reviews the information for accuracy and makes recommendations
• Define modular components
• Define equipment and utility requirements
• Core can provide styled photos of your finished product
• An e-commerce website can be customized to your brand
• Orders are processed via the e-commerce website or by phone
• Product is boxed, labeled and stored in our warehouse
• Items are shipped UPS ground as they are ordered
• Core will manage the freight and delivery logistics
• Confirmation of Delivery Date and Delivery Requirements
• Confirm with site that all elements are delivered and in good condition.
A combination of Core Concepts direct employees and sub-contractors are utilized to perform installations in North America or internationally. It is highly recommended that an installation team be at each site to supervise the off loading and inside delivery of all modular components.
All Core Concepts products are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase, provided that the product is utilized to the manufacturers' recommendations and instructions. Operator error, negligence, abuse, or failure to provide proper maintenance to the equipment will be cause for this warranty to be voided. Utilization of products in any way other than their intended use also voids this warranty. This warranty will not apply to any equipment or parts thereof which have been subjected to any tampering or service by an unauthorized service agency. Excluded from this warranty are consumable materials such as filters, lamps, utensils and smallwares, etc. All components not manufactured by Core Concepts but included as part of Core Concepts’ product are specifically excluded from the Core Concepts warranty. Such components carry a separate warranty from their original manufacturers. When applicable, the customer must complete the warranty card and return it to the Manufacturer. This warranty is valid in the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska and Canada. International warranties (except Canada) will be finalized at time of proposal. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties either expressed or implied and is authorized by and is the responsibility of Core Concepts. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original owner and location.
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